Ice Age 2014

This must be how the dinosaurs felt in the end, wondering if the cold would ever stop.  But, like all things, we either evolve or fade into oblivion.  With the studio running on fumes, it was high time some changes were made before the whole idea of this studio becomes extinct.  There’s some visual revisions, along with alot heavier structural changes happening, but rest assured 2014 will be the year of achievements and success here at COLTRAN.

There is a lot of planning and designing going on behind the scenes, and soon fans will start getting a few glimpses of what’s in store. What can be told is that the studio has taken a full 180 in regards to how games will be developed, and we’re building up a team of top caliber talent to bring ideas to life.  We’re starting development soon on a few Unity games, and working with Microsoft for a few more mobile games.  And our award winning game “Cradle to the Grave” is en route to dominate the iOS and Android this year, so if you want to get early access and help testing keep your sights set on our twitter and facebook streams to make sure you don’t miss out.

Much more to come, stay tuned and game on!